Keeping the faith

I only speak in the words of the langue that I know if, music. It flows thru me and all around me. From when I was just a child I found a way to express myself in the soft hard tones that I heard. It took me away to places that I could never take myself. At that moments when nothing seems ok or right in my mind, music was there to bring me back to the middle. I could drift far away and like a shot to my soul, music would bring me back. All I had to do was listen and close my eyes and there it was. I learned everything I had to know in how to get around this world from the words that came from my speakers.

Off far away in my mind I found that place that I had been searching all my life, that place where I could be at peace with myself because for that moment I understood my life. Even if it was just for that short moment I knew what it meant to be alive. Life was more than just a scream in the night or a fight to the grave, it had a beauty that joy that was hiding just under the surface, all when I would put on headphone and just listen.

Music was there those long nights as a child when I was never sure what would happen the next day. In the dark with a radio under my pillow I would hear the preaching of rock speak to me about all that I did not yet have within my grasp. When I first heard music I knew that I had found my voice because i did not know how to explain what those thoughts in my mind were, I was scared to show the world who I was. scared always scared of what was just around the bend, but i could scream and shout the words that music gave me and yeah the world was alright.

I climbed to a higher elevation to search for the meaning. And All at one I found it laying in the sun for me hold. these mind games that I was playing with myself was done. that sunny afternoon the key was in my pocket. No more deacon blues, American pie or I zimra, all gone. Yes sir, one is the loneliest number but in a tequila sunrise things just melt away.



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