Street life people, running into the night, looking for a way out. Asking themselves one more time, why can’t I still be young. Stone in love they remember the days of being young and running in the street and the feeling of living by the light of the moon. Time passes away like it always does. The blue jean girl smiles as the summer night of the past call her one more time. But it’s still a mystery to her, how the past can be so bittersweet. But she has no time to wonder anymore, she’s gotta keep running..running, running, running all over this night. And she passes the main street light she sees that the town and her life ain’t the same. Escape, they gotta get away, break away. No more rules. Lay it down with all that you have. The feeling might be blue but blue is still a feeling, and it shows your alive! So yell at mother and father and street life people hold to each other…with the open arms that you might have. 


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