the elephant 

sex…i see it everywhere..everyone talks about it..everyone does it..we are defind by how good we are in bed or how large of a sex drive we have… sex is a topic in which people talk big. sex is a topic that is more complex then how much do you do and how good is it. 

sex to me is a strange subject.  it once scared me and had such a hold over my life that avoided relationships so i would not have to deal with it. A lot of it had to do with how i saw myself and how my body works. I know more now so a lot of those fears have been gone for many years but some linger…I have no sex drive..none at all and in a world that places sex at such high value that makes me makes me not part of the norm of society.  i like sex, i wouldnt say i love it. i do love the pleasure that i can give to someone else but the act itself..i can do without it..that right there is hard to say…hard to see me type..

sex is a part of almost all relationships, and an important part and i know this..and yet this lack..this no desire of an act that I do enjoy makes me odd…


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