Let it bleed

There. Breath deep…..

 Is a lot I wish I could say.. things that I had on the tip of my tongue and never said…

Year after year the regret would pile up till…

It was too late..I think about the things I wanted to tell you..

The thank you and I love you that I never got to say…

The hugs that died that same night…

All too late

I try not to let your memory hold me back but…

It is and I don’t know what to do anymore.

I feel

I still feel…on the tip of my tongue are the words

I never said…

I close my eyes and I see your smile

That smile…

Year…after…deep sigh…year

And I don’t know how to move on

How to pick up my life as much as I have tried…

I just want to bleed away all my pain and I hope..

A simple hope that someday you won’t be a memory of

Regret but instead of. …

The good we had…


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