Love minus zero

I feel

I feel

I feel nothing

I close my eyes and everything is just quiet

Sometimes I’m not sure just how I made it so far in life with all these problems. I’ve had a lot of good people over the years watching over me and yet almost all those people out of my life, driven away by myself in one way or another. 

I’m no hero, I’m not the good guy or the knight in shining armor. There. Might have been a time when I was fighting the good fight but those days are so far in the past. Now I’m just a shell of a man who wants to love but does not know what it means. 

I struggle to allow my deeper thoughts from getting out, I still worry that my inner feelings will hurt people. I worry.

I worry there is no rescue for me. I just move along telling myself…

I tell myself…there is light somewhere….


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