Herat to soul

Hey you…typing this, look up here, I’m talking to you.

We need to be honest with each other, what are you doing to yourself? You can not keep going like this, you’re going to break her heart and ruin yourself in the long run. I know what you want us to be happy and to be able to love but I have a question. What are we doing? You need to figure out what you want and quickly. Stop and think about someone else than yourself. Your holding up her happiness and healing. Maybe she doesn’t find someone else right away but you can’t let her heal and get her mind together if your just hanging on and not letting her figure out what she needs not from someone else but herself. But..If this what you want, then we need to fix it and fix it now. Look we are not getting any younger here and we are just wasting time right now.

Look I know it’s not easy, no one said it would be easy and at times its kind of scary but I know we can do it but we need to figure what we want out of this life. If we can not do this, then fine we can’t but be honest with someone for once and say it.

Hey! Don’t go blaming me for all this, I thought we were ready but I really thought we were. I just wanted to be loved and hey we are but I guess on my part I thought I could move us both on but I was not but at least I have tried so far. You want to find someone to blame, look at that brain of yours, he’s the one that is slowing us down, talk to him.

You know that I loved her and yeah I still miss her but we can move forward to good things still but you gotta help me out here. Lets work on seeing what we can do and figure it out not just for her but for us. without a direction I don’t know what the right way to heal us is going to be.


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