They call us crazy youngsters

Some memories you forget about over time and yet others you lose not because they are not important but because in our day-to-day shuffle things get misplaced in our minds. Times that were important at one time get put into a pile that we never go into again. I have been on these meds now for about a month and a lot has been coming back to me. Things that I had somehow blocked or just forgotten about are now coming back to me. People, places, events, talks all wrapped up into a ball of screaming emotions that I have not felt in some time. I wonder where these memories had been all these years, misplaced in the wrong pile or just tossed and classified as “don’t remember again” by my mind, who knows. What I do know is that they are back, lots of them and lots of times when I did feel emotions, painful ones. Moments of walking in the rain feeling young and yet not being able to enjoy the moment. Times of making out in a car and not having enough room and almost getting stuck and yet felling odd like I was doing something wrong all at the same time. Lots of memories of times when I could have had fun and somehow I didn’t. There is no need to go into those days or nights into much detail, they are better left in my mind but it is odd how the mind works. I had blocked a lot without knowing it thinking that maybe my memory was not that great. All the time it was not my age that was problem but how my mind was hiding things from me. As I remember I regret a lot and that makes me sad because those times could have been more special if only…I had learned to be young.


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