We do some crazy things all in the name of love. Her name was Amie. After all these years I have forgotten a lot of what was said between us but what has not been lost is what I did. It was maybe some 15 of the dumbest hours of my life. Yet to be young as I was at the time meant I could make mistakes like this and it just be a part of growing up.

It started late one night, oh the early days of AOL, when you could be anyone or say anything you wanted, even more so than today. Anyways so we were talking online one night and it just happened, how I don’t recall but before I knew it I was off making a 5 plus hour drive from Fullerton Ca where I lived all the way to Modesto Ca, all 338 miles of it. Off to meet someone I had not known that long. For what? I don’t remember but maybe my life was that dull that I needed something else. Who knows what I needed, but whatever it was…The next 24 hours were just plain crazy..

So the short long story is…Drove there, we didn’t hit off, she had promised to help with money for gas, she didn’t, she money at a hotel, she left in the middle of the night…drove back as far as I could. Did not have enough money to get over the grapevine pass on Interstate 5…Called a friend to help..they were not picking up phone…left a voicemail and sat around and waited and waited and finally they showed up..they helped out and I went home…have never told this story to anyone..the end..



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