Another day in paradise

I remember those nights, they still haunt me worse than almost anything else. Living out of your car is as close to being homeless as you can get and yet to me I had something that the homeless did not have, a roof but I’ve been told that I was homeless since a car is not a home. I remember the feeling of not having any hope, it filled me up and dragged me down, all the years since have been me trying to slowly make up for all those mistakes that I made. If only I could have done things differently. I was young and I did not know any better I try to tell myself but the truth is I knew what I was doing but I was not strong enough to do what was right.

I try to look back at my life and remember the good times and take those bad times and put them into better focus but somehow I just can not do that. I carry those mistakes with me and I hope that the days of sadness are behind me.


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