Brave new world

They say that the next step is the hardest part, the next step which is dating to me is not the hard part. It should be pretty easy. The hard part is learning from your mistakes and not repeating. To not fall into the old trap of not standing on your own. This is the time I tell myself. I need to stand on my own. Love, yes love is a great thing and so is all that comes with it but I need something else this time around. So off I go into the great beyond to find something new and I hope something wonderful, we can hope right. But the task is great, there is no doubt about that. maybe that’s what I worry about the most. What is out there, Do I go down roads I know are safe and I’ve been down before or Do I go down a road that is new and might have some potholes in them? Maybe I just go off-road and go for the crazy one. Who knows but I need to know, not only for myself but for my life. My life is getting short and I know this might be the last real chance to make it work. Time is what we are up against and time is what I do not have a lot of. I wonder to myself, who would she pick for me and would I agree. I am ready to see what is out there because Lets be honest, tomorrow may never come and today is all we got. Much like the song says, you got to live like you were dying.


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