A lonely man under the big top


For sale:

One used man, born on Oct 2 1978 in mexico, don’t worry he has papers. grew up in Fullerton California and went to Troy high school. He left high school in 1997 so he has been out for some time. He lived in Las Vegas for a short time before he came to San Antonio. The story of his trek from California to Texas has been of some debate as to how things really happened. He grew up lonely and not a friendly person. By his own words, he grew up much to fast because being a child frustrated him.

he needs to be right and does not like when people do not see his point of view on any issues. He has talked to himself all his life and been depressed since he can remember. A shy quiet person who hated everyone. having a difficult time with the subject of sex, he told himself that sooner or later he would understand why he felt how he did. He still does not.

He has been married once and the crap he carries with him will hurt every relationship he will ever have again. just don’t ask him for his real feelings having to do with it, he has never told anyone the truth about that, the pain is deep inside a part of himself he can’t open up.

he is lonely but he does not want the normal kind of love, he knows that it will be hard to find but if he can’t, then he will always be lonely. He is 100% selfish and thinks too much about himself before others. he has some missing teeth and so he wont smile anymore. he has more than a few health problems and the mental ones are also kinda a problem.

he wants a friend, a friend to love but a friend who understands him and his special needs.





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