At this moment

The message, it sits in my inbox looking at me, waiting for me to open it and spring it words out to me. My hand is shaking and this time it is my right hand. Do I open it? What will be inside of it? Will it be a happy connection again or a get lost creep kinda deal. It took me 45 mins last night to write it, after I spent almost 4 hours of work time to find them again. All I had was a name and that was it. So now a reply and it sits there waiting for me to open it.

It has been 6 years, that is a long time. A lot can happen in that time. Small baby steps is all I need, not giant leaps into the future, Maybe all that email will have is a simple, Yes I remember you and that is it.

I know what some would say, but you have been down that road and why go down that same road again if the first time it ended in a dead-end? I just have a feeling that it is something I need to try first. you go down roads that you know what you will find and you know where the pitfalls are. So I better get on with it and open it…


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