This is not the end

I’m not much for words sometimes and so even at this moment, after all that has been said and done it feels strange that this moment has come. I have no idea what will come next, maybe good maybe some bad. But this is not the end of this. The friendship will grow and continue to find us in a new places. New hopes and new dreams will start over where heartache was once alive. At this moment I do not want to say that it’s end of three plus years for nothing. We are just going down a different road then the one that we set out on. I have no idea if there is a God out there but there has to be because the last three years have been filled with such joy and growth that it seems like I was meant to go thru this. Allow me a moment to say a silent prayer for both of our future happiness. Adele might have said that she wished nothing but happiness for him too, but I hope nothing but happiness for you two, whoever it might be. As for me I hope to find missing puzzle piece that brings this living monster in my soul finally to a rest. Slowly the days will move along and slowly the hurt from this time will be something that we look back on and laugh cry and wonder what in the world we were thinking. I have the pictures and the memories to carry till the day I die of not only our friendship but love that we have. This is not the end, it’s just a different road that we are taking and I know that when that road gets bumpy you will be there just like I will there for you. I hope you find that great love that you deserve and that they bring you the joy in life that I want for you. No, this is not the end just the start of a new tomorrow. 


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