Lust for life

No one likes being told that they shouldn’t spend their hard earned money on one thing or another. IF you wanna be the person who is into shoes then so be it or if you are the kind that wants to save like the great depression is coming again then so be it. Be who you but keep your actions and thoughts away from me. So I went to see my therapist yesterday and we talked about doing things that make us happy even if it makes others unhappy because when it comes down to it, we are only here once. So after doing some thinking, I did it. I went out and spent money that I did not really need to spend on something I did not need but oh how it made me happy. I bought a playstation 4 and I spent my day off playing games to my hearts content. Sure it was a lot of money but fuck it, It was a joyful buy and it made me happy and I have no one to answer to or to please but myself.


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