The future is uncertain 

Six years is a long time. A lot can change in six years and yet somehow somethings do not change. Six years is enough for you to grow and to learn more about yourself. I was not the same man I am now six years ago and that’s not really for the best at times. Six years ago I would lie to myself as to who I was, the lies have gone out but what is left is a man who more then ever puts himself at the center of things. Six years has seen me just destroy two good relationships over reasons that seem somehow as not good enough. So here I am. Six years later I am back to a place that I knew well enough. I want to be able to say that I will her a chance and that I will try for her but those are lies. I don’t know what I will do so I’m not making promises anymore. The future holds a lot of different things for us but I’m not gonna say that the road has to lead anywhere. I am on this road and the sun is slowly going down with no motel in sight…I will let this road carry me and I hope that where it is that I go to that I find something finally to keep me ok. 


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