in your eyes

I wake up and off to work I go

I get a message from her saying good morning

I reply back

she says

good because I miss you

I reply


I think about her and my thoughts are all over the place. It’s easy to be around her. We laugh and talk and enjoy the small things together. I don’t have to think or worry with her, me being with her is more than enough for her. She takes delight in finding ways to try to make me healthy, and I say no but also know that I need to change. She wants more, I can see it in her eyes when I leave her, It might not be all the lovely dovey stuff but she wants more. She doesn’t want me to give more, to do more, to be anything else than who I am, she just wants me to be around more. I dont need to tell her she is beautiful or great or a dream come true. She just wants me to remember what she likes to drink at sonic. I dont have to be the best friend, the boyfriend, the lover, I just have to be myself and that’s ok with me.






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