2 days in feb

Deep thoughts are for those that want to explore everything that they know or dont know. The weekend was something that I enjoyed on one level and yet disliked on another and couldn’t wait to get away from. Im not going to get into all the details, not because they are all steamy but because how dull they are and im not here to bore myself.

Its always nice to try new things even if its just a coffee shop or a donut/pie shop. It was nice to not have to be tied to a plan and worry if there is enough time to do anything at all. It was nice, no i cant say that I had a wonderful time but maybe she felt different. she said that it was a great time even if we didnt really do much of anything. I have come to learn that sometimes its not what you are doing but with whom, Im not on board with that saying just yet but I can see why people say it.

This was my 4th trip to Houston with a 4th different person and every single time its always a different feeling, and a different emotion. I carried the memories of the last 3 trips with me this weekend and they weighed on me a lot. I thought about the smiles and joys but also of the tears and bitterness that was hiding just around the edges.

there was no hanky panky or kisses at midnight, there was a bed fight for control of the blanket. There was no deep thoughts about futures that we are not at yet, but there was talks about first jobs.

It was a nice time, and much like when you tell someone that they are nice, nice sometimes isnt enough.


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