Rain and thunder

It’s in the middle of the early night when your thoughts wonder the most, at least it is for me. On the radio is Tim McGraw, outside is the rain.. in my mind are nothing but years of self made pain playing like the repeat button got broken.. The light of the skies start to grow brighter but in me that voice that drives me away wants to speak up… The highway is calling me.. The road wants to remind me that there is a way out from my pain. I sit on the edge of my bed and I close my eyes… I’m scared the most of what I am chasing then what is next to me. Her body is not far away but my heart and soul long for a place far away…. It’s what keeps me from saying yes to this or anything else. This is not my home no matter how much I tell myself… This is not me.. This place is not me. I miss home. 


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