May it be

It’s a raining morning and my mood fits the way the water is falling. I feel lonely but not in a way that can be fixed by the company of another. It’s a deeper loneliness, the kind you feel even when your around others. I feel it in my soul, locked away deep in me. It’s locked away behind doors that have no handles to open, behind walls long ago bricked up. But it pounds and pounds away…I feel it’s call..It’s need…

I look at the cars as they rush by on the highway…Where are they going? What dreams or nightmares carry them along their path. 

The rain is coming to an end and so is this lack luster mood…I look in the mirror and see a face that has seen a lot look back at me… My eyes say the pain has been self infected…No one else to blame…

The thing about Pain is that it lingers, no matter how you got it, you forget it. 


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