Our song

That’s the song I heard when I first knew that I loved you or that first slow dance we had under the moonlight.

people say things like that when the idea of a song been “their song”

A song that wraps up every emotion, every thought, every last idea of what a bond between two people can have. Most people find that song sometime during the relationship. it is not always a love song between partners, it can be between children and parents or even between friends. whatever the relationship is, a song is most of the time discovered during the time that it is going on but sometimes death and the end of a time bring a song to our minds of what that relationship meant to us.

It has been a slow morning and as I look back at my last 3 relationships I look back at three different songs that only came alive in my mind since things ended. They bring three different emotions to me. One is of sadness, one of joy and one of comfort. They might not know it but these were “our songs”


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