off we go..

We met and we talked. Im not sure how it all got started but a message was exchanged and time went on. Dreams, we had dreams of the things that we wanted to do..the things we wanted to see. The things that life had thrown at us would be tossed aside and enjoy, real enjoy would be found…but the story was not meant to be written this way. Time passed and all i have left are dreams. The anniversary of that fateful day passed last month and it still hurts. I remember the tears that came out of me, I remember that first moment coming back home without her. It was a coldness that I felt and  a sad feeling that I will never shake. I painted a picture before I met her face to face and she printed it and it was a picture of the dreams that we had. It was a trailer carrying our dreams of to places that we would see someday, just her and me. Its framed now. A moment in time when the dreams and joy in life seemed real. A moment when I laughed and every day was a moment to bigger things…all before the clouds came in, all before the darkness washed over us, all before it was all gone. It was done on a computer and now its in a frame…just a moment that lives in only me.




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